Sunday, March 25, 2012

Breadth #1

This is actually the third breadth piece I have completed, but I haven't uploaded the first or second yet.  The breadth section of the AP art portfolio is the section in which the artist works with different media and techniques to show the AP board their foundations and range of abilities in visual art whereas the concentration demonstrates their ability to investigate and be creative within a specific idea.   For my first breadth piece, I did a colored pencil drawing of one of my classmates (whose art blog can be found in the sidebar  at   I wanted to demonstrate my understanding of foreshortening and perspective with this piece, but I also wanted to get a little creative and experiment with color.  I used one of my favorite complementary color schemes for this piece: orange and blue. The warm colors remain in the foreground while cool colors recede into the background. Therefore, I used the warm colors on the leg an the foot to draw the viewer's eye to the center of interest which is the foot.  There are several diagonal line on the leg, the window blinds, the book, and the wrinkles on the foot which create a sense of movement in this piece.  Also the repetition of the diagonal lines helps to give this work a sense of unity, as does the color scheme of orange and blue. However, to make the piece especially dynamic, I wanted to create a more dramatic sense of lighting. To do so, I brought one of the other photos I had taken in our photoshoot into photoshop and began experimenting with different settings. I eventually found on one that I liked but I could only use the edited photo as a guide for color because it was different from the photo I was actually using as a reference. Here are the two photos I used:

                  unedited                                              .  .  .                                                edited

Here is a sample of my process for this piece.
(My camera broke while I was starting this drawing so I had to resort to taking terrible, low-quality iphoto pictures for my process pictures. I apologize for his fact.)

Here is the finished piece:

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