Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Concentration #7

For my 7th Concentration piece, I did a colored pencil drawing of my mother. For this work, I used watercolor paper instead of the standard drawing paper that I used for my last colored pencil piece and I found that the texture of the paper absorbed the colored pencil pigment much better which allowed me to a achieve much richer color than before.  I used a complementary color scheme for this piece using mostly red-orange pigments for the highlighted areas and deep blue-green hues for the shadows.  The striped pattern on the blouse helped to create form on the shirt and also gave some good movement to a large area of the work that, if a solid color, might have become boring. The diagonal slant of my mother also creates a feeling of excitement for the work, because diagonal lines help to create interest and break up space in a work of art. I emphasized bold red orange hues, the striped pattern of the blouse and the diagonal placement of the subject because, despite the fact that my mother is lying down, I wanted to create a bright, happy, excited mood for this piece.

8.25 x 9.5

Here is a series of photos demonstrating my process for this piece,

and here is an photo of all of the various colored pencils I used to complete this piece,

and here is a list of a few new blogs I'd like to recommend (links in side bar).
(this blog gives weekly art challenges and readers can submit their challenge results, which are featured on the blog)

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