Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Concentration #10

For my 10th Concentration, I did a picture of my father. This one was really difficult because of the small details in the trees but I think it turned out fairly well. I used a balance of both large areas of light values as in the snow on the ground and large areas of dark values as on the jacket and pants and the trees in the background.  The shadows on the ground as well as the receding line of houses in the background give this piece a sense of depth.  The shadows and the house line also create converging line which direct the eye to the center of interest, which is my father.  The intricate details of the trees provide a nice textural effect for this piece and the the lines that make up the trees, pointing in various directions, give the trees and the work a sense of movement and interest, which is important in a piece that, with so many horizontal lines, could become stable and boring.

Here is a sample of the process I used to complete this piece:
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