Friday, April 20, 2012

3rd Breadth

In my third breadth piece, I did a self portrait in acrylic paint. In this piece, I used a very vibrant warm colored palette with many reds and pinks and yellow hues. Because the areas of shadow are done in more cool colored tones, these areas recede, while the face, the center of interest, is brought to the forefront. Similarly, the contrast of the light area of the face and the dark area of the glasses, brings out and emphasizes the details of the glasses.  For this work, I layered two images of myself on top of each other. The second layered image helps to create some dynamic lines which add interest to the flatter areas of the work. This piece was done as an AP art class assignment in which everyone in my class created a self portrait painting which, after completion, we all placed together to demonstrate the differences in each of our respective styles.

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